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Isn't this music really for blended worship?

Shouldn’t all worship be blended? Or inclusive? Unfortunately, beyond an abstract concept, I’m not sure inclusive worship actually exists in many places. We have become so polarized and territorial that variety and diversity have been all but…

…all but lost. When was the last time you went to worship and heard (in one service) a beautiful Gregorian chant, a magnificent chorus from a Baroque oratorio, a stirring brass and organ-led hymn, a tasty jazz offertory, and one of the really good rockin’ praise songs?

Shouldn’t that be the goal? To offer and experience the very best of all He has inspired?  God likely had a hand in the development of all music styles. Why do we resist giving all music styles a rightful place in His house?

In reality, most of us don’t have the resources to accomplish that. In reality, most of us wouldn’t do it if we could. Pride and selfishness get in the way. The blue hair and eyeglasses crowd thinks anything not found in a hymnal is sacrilege. The blue hair and body piercings crowd refuses to listen to anything written or recorded before last Tuesday. And neither side wants to give up three minutes of their precious concert (oops, I mean worship service) for anything outside their comfort zone.

A disconcerting email came from Frank in Colorado; he was perturbed by what I do. His church has a contemporary service with a praise band to do this kind of music and a traditional service led by organ for that kind of music. And the two styles should never be mixed. According to Frank. My friend Bruce says when churches reach that point the Devil has won. I agree with Bruce.