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Contemporary or Traditional?
It can be a passionate struggle.
Our arrangements can help to reconcile the conflict by giving something to those on both sides of the debate.

Information is also a great asset in negotiating desagreements; we've encountered many of the questions and have useful insights to share.

If you...
  • recognize the validity of Christian traditions...
  • know that renewal is fundamental to the church’s tradition...
  • work with musicians who's skills reflect basic training...
  • believe that diversity is authentic to who God is...
...you'll find useful worship materials here!

A little background:
This site originated in 2004. It has been a largely satisfying experience, but there have been several interesting, unexpected, and sometimes troubling… [read more]

Why arrange hymns in contemporary styles?
Easy – it’s the only way hymns will survive. The notion that my children will know the same songs that their great-great grandparents sang appeals… [read more]

Isn't this music really intended for blended worship?
Shouldn’t all worship be blended? Or inclusive? Unfortunately, beyond an abstract concept, I’m not sure inclusive worship actually exists in many places. We have become so polarized and territorial that variety and diversity have been all but… [read more]

Is there a place for hymns in true contemporary worship?
Yes, but first let’s define “contemporary” as it apples to musical style. It’s used here to include any “popular” style that has a viable… [read more]

Will traditional churches find these arrangements useful?
One would think so. Renewing the church’s great music to make it more accessible to today’s worshippers seems like a good idea. But traditionalists can be a bit… [read more]

Is this music easy to play and sing?
The melodies couldn’t be more singable. It’s a big part of why they’ve been around for generations. To perform this music, musicians should be able to… [read more]