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Is this music easy to play and sing?

The melodies couldn’t be more singable. It’s a big part of why they’ve been around for generations. To perform this music, musicians should be able to…

…musicians should be able to read. I have nothing against folks who play/sing by ear. I played in a rock band for a couple of years with a guitarist who couldn’t read a note. He humbled me every night. But non-readers will have some frustrations with this music.

It isn’t that hard; well-trained high school students can usually perform it successfully. Ear players (guitarists especially) will have difficulty catching the chords because the harmonies change more frequently than in a lot of pop-styled music and there are chord substitutions and extensions. Non-reading singers may find some little surprises in harmony parts, but we do provide recordings of the arrangements as free downloads that you can use for practice.

Recognize that these are piano/keyboard driven charts, not guitar-centered arrangements. They can be done with a guitarist and no keyboard, but the guitarist will need to be capable. And there isn’t a transposition feature with the charts. I’ve never understood how that can work very well, anyway. For example, a chord voiced on piano will usually sound muddy or thin if moved more than a step up or down. And transpositions for Bb and Eb instruments become problematic or impossible.

Answer: Yes, the music is quite playable. But you can decide for yourself. Every arrangement on this site has an audio demo and sample score page for you to evaluate.