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Get music that works...today!

We know how frustrating it is to buy what you think is a great arrangement only to discover that your group is unable to deliver the sound you heard on that studio-produced demo.

As a worship leader, you try to create professional results -- often using amateurs on limited rehearsal time. Joyous Noise Music arrangements are designed to help you succeed. Try one and see if it doesn’t make your musical life a little easier and more satisfying.

There is a flood of music available to worship teams and most of it sounds very good on demo recordings. The challenge is finding material that sounds good with your group.

We recognize reality:
  • We know that most church music programs struggle with instrumentation imbalances and shortages. That’s why we include all instrumental parts in C, Bb, and Eb transpositions; you’ll have someone who can play the part.
  • We know that personnel changes on a weekly basis so our arrangements come with both 2-part and 3-part vocals.
  • We know that guitar players thrive in 3 and 4 sharps but trombonists short-circuit in those keys.  Our arrangements are in practical keys for all players and singers.
  • We know that rhythmic complexity, high brass parts, and technical flourishes all sound thrilling. We also know that your players may risk embarrassment or injury when confronted with those parts; we keep technical demands reasonable.
Why are Joyous Noise arrangements "better?"
The answer is simple: musical substance. While clearly in pop and contemporary styles, these hymns will take your team well beyond "ear candy." Our arrangements have a level of harmonic sophistication, musical development, and rhythmic imagination seldom found in this category. Bold claims? Yes - but don't take our word for it. See what worship leaders like you say abour our music. [click here]

 Can my worship team perform these charts?
Absolutely! You do not need everything you hear on the demos for a satisfying performance. The only necessities are keyboard (or guitar) and a melody part (voice or instrument). All other instrumental and vocal parts can be added when you have them available. And you are provided with substitute parts for all wind and string instruments. You'll find the arrangements have a "pro" sound, but all parts are written to the abilities of amateur performers.  [more information]

Should hymns be used in contemporary worship?
Of course...hymns are a vital piece of our Christian heritage! The tunes are among the best ever written and the powerful imagery of the lyrics is relevant in any style. Research shows that long-time worshippers often feel abandoned in contemporary services -- ever hear "I miss the old hymns"? Use our fresh arrangements of these great songs of faith; they will be stirring additions to your worship services.  [read more about the contemporary/traditional debate]