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Tips for Ordering

Ordering and receiving music electronically is convenient and cost-effective, but it is possible for the system to fall short of expectations through the fault of…nobody!  OK, someone is responsible because computers do exactly what people tell them to do.  But complications are usually preventable.  Below are some potential pitfalls and ways to avoid them.

The check’s in the mail . . .
Ordering usually goes smoothly.  Unfortunately, credit card transactions can run amuck. That's almost always due to “hasty fingers” – the customer inadvertently types in the wrong card number. If, after ordering, you get an email indicating that the credit card transaction failed, please don’t assume that we think you’re a crook.  It just means that something you typed (we won’t know what) got rejected by the credit card company. 

If you have any difficulty ordering or paying we are happy to help you sort it out.  Just send an email or call.  We’ll do everything we possibly can to help you get the music you want. And we won’t call you stupid.

Where’s my order?
Dunno.  No idea where those things end up if you don’t get ‘em.  But we will send it again.  And again if we need to. You will get the music you ordered.  Promise.

Reminder: this delivery method usually works without a hitch.  The most common problem is the customer not getting a folder of music (initially).  And that’s usually due to issues beyond our control.  Keep reading...
Your email account probably has some limits that you don’t know about:

  • Many accounts (inboxes) can only hold 10MB of info.  While we keep the file size as small as possible, we’ve had numerous orders that exceeded that limit.
  • Some email systems trigger a “block” if several successive emails from the same address arrive in a short time period with attachments.  That’s designed to protect you from spam, but it can also block your order.
  • Speaking of spam, some filters automatically “tag” all attachments with a new file extension that must be changed before you can access the attachment.  It’s useful to know a bit about your spam filter and how to manipulate it.
Not long ago, a gentleman ordered all of our HymnJam charts, but after a few were delivered they started getting “bounced” due to a full inbox.  We tried to email him to explain, but that got bounced – because his inbox was full!  We weren’t able to reach him by phone (church secretary said he was on vacation) so we just burned his files to a CD and mailed it.  Guess he got ‘em – we haven’t had acomplaint.

You will get what you ordered!
If there is a glitch, just let us know.  We’ll drop what we’re doing and find a way to get your music to you quickly.  Promise.

Do what?
Communicate: We hate it when customers are inconvenienced in any way.  But we can only fix the problems we know about.  Should you experience difficulty or confusion with any step in this process please send an email or call.  We’ll help.
  • Type carefully: Take a couple of extra seconds to check the info you put in the order forms. It’ll save time and frustration.
  • Clear space for your order: Make sure that your inbox and email account can receive what you order.  Put us on your “safe” list.  Most individual titles are about 1MB in size.  Every Sunday HymnSongs collections are sent in 5 or 6 folders of about 1MB each.  Make room! 
  • Use a different computer: This has been the magic cure-all to fix the few problems customers have had.  For example, folks who had difficulty from their church computer had us send it to their home email account and everything was solved.
We want you happy and satisfied with our service!